Team Night

Making it all happen

Many parts need to come together for CMC to function. To make this all happen we have people within the church who are tasked with the responsibility of coordinating different areas of responsibility. These are all areas where you can get involved to serve the Lord and serve his people!

The sum of all parts

Every area of service in the church is important and the most important thing is functioning as a team to get the job done. Above and beyond our specific area of responsibility we are about every team winning. 

So what are some of the areas you can get involved?









Team Nights

Every second Monday we get together for Team Night. This is a fun night where we talk about building team, working together and how we can do what we need to do to better!

We come together, eat dinner first (of course), have some impartation then we split into teams and get to work!

Just remember to bring a plate to share!