Sunday 26th September

10.00CountdownProductionAll times are guides. Be brief and concise but don’t stress over exact timing. The important thing is the order of service. 
10.05WelcomeAndyEncourage everyone to fix their attention on Jesus. Set the tone for the morning and the direction. Remember to welcome those online. 
10.10Worship Song and PrayerProductionVolume on video up

Volume decreased while people pray

10.10Prayer 1Robyn
10.12Prayer 2 Susan
10.14Prayer 3
10.16Intro Prayer and PraiseAndyAndy to introduce the Prayer and Praise. Michael to lead the church in prayer for the requests. Karina to welcome after Michael finishes praying. 
10.18Prayer for Prayer RequestsMichael
10.202nd WelcomeKarinaWelcome everyone, mention all who are online as well. No announcements except that Ps Gavin will talk to whats happening in the next few weeks. 
10.25GivingKarinaNo distributing buckets, online of in the bucket up the back. Invite Felibeth up for the reading. 
10.30Bible Reading Felibeth Passage to come. Hand over to Ps Gavin.
10.35MessagePs Gavin
11.05Tea & coffee Felibeth


11.05BBQ Lunch

  • Cook
11.30BBQ Lunch 

  • Server
  • Server